Ocean Boogie


2229 Bacon St

San Diego, CA 92107

United States 

Get stoked, dudes and dudettes! 🌊🎶

From high noon till the sun dips at 10 PM, gear up for an epic time at a Private Party that’s exclusively for the 21-and-up crowd. It’s all about the tunes as Ofier, Band of Gringos, Low Down String, Green T, Bondar and a whole wave of others light up the scene!

Save your spot at the Seedless Clothing Compound, right there at 2229 Bacon Street, smack in the heart of Ocean Beach’s 92107 zone. Lock in your spot now to cruise through the line at the door. Rally the crew because our 4 Pack Group Tickets  get you and your squad the full-on gang experience for just three tickets’ worth. But stay sharp, spots are about as rare as a perfect swell!

Pro tip: You might be able to swap tickets, but once you paddle into this scene, it’s all in—no paddle backs. Once you snag a ticket, you’re in sync with our no-refund policy, so commit like you’re dropping in on a massive wave.


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